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By establishing small communities who trade images, metaphors, and write individual and well as collective narratives, we aim to seed a new imaginal culture.'

Horst and Jennifer Kornberger


The New Myth  in Hydra follows in the wake of The Delphi Project where we discovered that a group can create a field of imagination. This field acts like a potential, enhancing each writer’s capacity to create images, metaphors and stories. It can live between individuals like a connective tissue, enabling writers to experience a creative web.

We’ll begin with a five-session online preparation period, apprenticing ourselves to the dynamics of existing Greek myths, learning how to vary, transform and finally metamorphose their themes to create a body of contemporary myths. ​The online sessions will be mentored by by author and creative writing teacher Horst Kornberger and poet Jennifer Kornberger. 

This will be followed by a six-day retreat on the island of Hydra where we will continue the process as a hub of myth-makers. We will gift and trade images and create collective narratives in addition to our individual pieces.​ The process will be led by Horst and Jennifer.


In Hydra we will meet poets Katerina Iliopoulo and Panagiotis Galanopoulos and the artist Fotis Karageorgiou who will make a contribution to the theme of the new myth. 

All participants will be invited to contribute to the publication with one of their works, selected in consultation with the project leaders. All work will undergo an editing process with publication of the book expected in August 2019.


The project is open to writers at all levels, and most suitable for those who would like to develop a stronger connection to image creation. 

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DATES   Online Preparation                             23 April  - 18 June 2018


Hydra Retreat

08 July  - 14 July 2018     

Please contact us if

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