HORST KORNBERGER is the author of three books: ‘The Power of Stories’, ‘The Writer's Passage’, ‘Global Hive’ and the Delphi Project. He is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher into the field of imagination and creativity. Horst is a  co-director of Creativity Consultants Worldwide and lectures internationally on themes of education, creativity, ecology and the use of the imagination as a healing and community building tool.​ More about Horst at www.horstkornberger.com 

JENNIFER KORNBERGER is a published poet, writer, artist and educator. Her work has appeared in national poetry journals and has attracted awards in the Tom Collins Poetry Prize and prestigious Newcastle Poetry Prize. Her first collection of poetry, ‘I could be rain’, was published by Sunline Press in 2007. She is the recipient of an Australia Council Literature Grant to develop a second collection of poetry. Jennifer was co-founder of the Goethean Studies Programme. She is currently co-director of The Writing Connection. Click here to read some of Jennifer's poetry. More about Jennifer's work at www.jenniferkornberger.com 




We believe that great writing begins with a great imagination and create our courses accordingly. Our processes focus on developing your core capacity as a writer. We develop this capacity by taking you on writing adventures – profound journeys from which you return changed.


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Horst and Jennifer Kornberger – poets, writers and interdisciplinary artists. We combine a passion to create with a passion to educate through artistic processes. For more than two decades we have provided innovative programmes that train the imagination. Check the testimonials our students have written.