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Jaya Penelope, poet, performer and  creative writing teacher


...Breathtaking in its scope, The Writer's Passage is no mere creative writing course but a soulful journey through the enchanted forest of world literature with Horst Kornberger as a delightful and erudite guide. His knowledge of and enthusiasm for his subject is breathtaking and he should be declared a national treasure. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone who has a love of literature and language and anyone who wants to grow such a love

John Stubley, PhD. English


 I see this course as being of greater value than any creative writing or literature courses I have taken as part of my five years of university study. .... For anyone with any interest in writing, art or the human being, this course will help you realise the limitless potential we all have....

Dr Peter Stafford, artist, performer and lecturer


After years spent working in academia I had become too 'clever'. I was very good at articulating a critical position, but was bereft of inspired solutions. Like many, I had hit a Post-modern dead-end. ...The Writer's Passage not only revealed solutions but also showed how the evolution of human consciousness has a certain 'genius' at its core, which when understood suggests a way forward - for both one's creative work and the soul's spiritual journey...

Harriet Sawyer, artist


I have been astonished by what unexpected bouquets have been plucked from pens, what doves have burst forth and flown. For anyone who loves the written word and would like to write more, I have nothing but praise for this course. The Writer's Passage has been an enlivening, joyful, and healing experience.

Dr. Nandi Chinna, writer/performer


...we move beyond writing from our own narrow experience, and connect with the collective imagination of the writers and stories that inform our cultural and literary milieu...My writing has been enlivened and enriched by entering the world of language as taught in this course. The Writer's Passage has given me insight, courage, and the practical skills to engage in a lively and fulfilling writing life.

What People Say



Coral Carter, artist, publisher and poet


The Writer's Passage was a cultural, emotional, social and philosophical writing feast. ... The Writer's Passage has made me a braver, stronger and more courageous writer...My writing confidence has soared.

Anna Minska, poet, performer


My experience of The Writer’s Passage has been personally transformative and creatively liberating. Horst is deeply generous with his knowledge, passion and spirit, and the process he facilitates is nothing short of alchemic. My creative process has expanded into new territory and my writing has taken on new colour, shape and sound. Horst’s reverence for each participant’s unique creative spark and voicing is rare and precious, and has been profoundly healing for me to encounter. I am filled with gratitude for this experience. To anyone who wishes to nurture their imaginative, wordfull self — I cannot recommend this course highly enough! 

Adrian Glamorgan, writer, creative writing teacher and community activist


As a professional writer, I especially appreciated my year as a student of The Writer's Passage.... If you are on the outer journey of learning to write well, and the inner journey of learning to live well, then this course will be a steady inspiration to you during the coming year.

Desmonda Kearney, poet


For me The Writer's Passage was an amazing journey, both personally, and as a writer. It has given me a broad perspective on our collective heritage of myth, literature, and poetry, in an historical context....The writing exercises in The Writer's Passage have expanded me as a writer, and on a personal note, this course has very much influenced my direction both intellectually and poetically.

Anne Williams, textile artist and educator


The Writer's Passage has been a grand tour of one of humanity's most precious and enduring qualities, our relationship to language...... It has been a fascinating journey, often surprising, sometimes challenging, always stimulating. I have felt encouraged and nourished by this course.


Richard Smart, songwriter


The Writer's Passage was a real journey into my self. It allowed me to be child, tree, warrior, poet, Buddha, lost, found and so much more. ..... It taught me to write from the picture in my minds eye, to trust the picture and to simply let it unfold...

Irene Soi Khim Tan


The Writer's Passage is not about the mechanics of writing. Rather, it is about reaching into the depths of the soul to bring forth one's unique expressive ability. In my mind, there is no writing without this. The course is highly lively, interactive, passionate and absolutely enjoyable.

Rhea Pfeifle, musician


... it's that stepping into another's experience is so vital for writing with conviction. This is the magic and joy of the course. I loved the journey through the depth of human experience through history. I feel greatly enriched at having found a voice, my authentic voice in writing.

Jill Whitfield, teacher and writer


...writing flowed easily and effortlessly from our pens. ... 'motifs' were selected which resonated within each one of us ' and thus flowed our pens! How fascinating, and somehow reassuring, to discover our living links with Gilgamesh and Odysseus, with Rumi and Dante, with Shakespeare and Goethe. In my everyday life, I am constantly reminded of things I learnt while doing The Writer's Passage. It is a thoroughly worthwhile course that will live in you long after you have completed it. I highly recommend it.

Eva Cronstedt, writer


The Writer's Passage is an inspiring course that takes you on a fabulous journey through literature from early Indian, Persian, Egyptian and Greek and on to modern times. As interesting as the content of the course are the playful writing exercises. I found it a stimulating year that has helped to enrich my own work immeasurably

Sue McBurnie


From the beginning of the course I knew I had found something that would enable me to contact the childhood innocence that holds my creative force. You find yourself constantly surprised at what appears on the page. Stories and poems begin to write themselves 

Maggie Brackenridge sense of wonder and awe of nature is slowly returning and I have met again my poet's heart. This course has helped me own and inhabit my life in a deeper way. It has shown me who I am! It was like a resuscitation of the Soul.

Ann Harrison


I am indeed privileged and have had a provoking year, inspiring scholarism and an absolute thirst for so much more. How sad that many of the great masters are not part of our every day school curriculum. This knowledge would sow greater understanding and lead us on to better, fairer and wiser decision making. I have come to appreciate all has been done before in the world , there are bench marks, nothing is new just the story line…. All I can say is this year has been remarkable and I really look forward to continuing the journey next year

Justin Beal, poet, anthropologist


...empathy is obtained with civilizations of the past, through their literatures, and one realizes that resonances of these ancient experiences reside within us today. The study of ancient and modern literatures highlights the shared experiences of humanity. I found the course both cathartic and therapeutic

Sean Burke, educator and writer


It was a thoroughly enjoyable course, and full of inspiration for my work as a class teacher. By the end of the year even I had noticed a real improvement in the way in which I approached my own writing...

Morgan Yasbincek, poet and writer, creative writing teacher


Working the word excavates the very nature of contemporary consciousness.  Based upon the Steiner model, the course takes a path through the major shifts in consciousness over the last cycle of civilisation.  We are called to inhabit the mythic frameworks through which these shifts occurred over the last several thousand years. 


Horst Kornberger is our guide in this experience. He is the guide through the underworld of our own unrevealed nature.  He has carefully crafted exercises, which, along with his inspired understanding of this wonderous process, unlocks the blueprint of soul life, as it colours the tapestry of human experience.


This course is one of those timely treasures, which will awaken a fresh engagement, a recognition that the greater mysteries are still very much a part of us all.



Sara Aziz, High School English teacher 


As an English High School Teacher at the Perth Waldorf School I have found 'The Writer's Passage' to be an invaluable teaching resource. It was especially relevant in our Class 8 Poetry main lesson as the exercises are equally suitable for children

Pen Brown, writer, poet and performer


I would like to say that in my estimation this course is unique, and absolutely the best thing I have ever done for myself in terms of my creativity. 



Martina Chippindall, dietician and story teller


Working the Word, for me, has been a journey across time, a reconnection with the power and pleasure of language, a falling in love. …Something was uncovered in me. My writing was celebrated as it twisted and turned, faltered and expanded. 



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