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The Delphi Project 2016


The Delphi Project was an innovative artwork initiated by Horst and Jennifer Kornberger in 2016 . 


The central aim of the project was to experience the working of collective imagination. We used a model we had developed for harnessing the collective imagination and applied it to questions of personal and world destiny. We pooled the participants’ questions and led them through metamorphosis in community.


Our aim was to hone our pictorial thinking and become adept at translating thought into image, and image into thought. In this process our questions revealed themselves as partial intuitions, which can be made whole through the imagination of others. 


We worked with two premises: the imagination is a reality beyond subjective fancy, and the modern oracle is the community capable of constructive imagination. Our time calls for exact, pictorial thinking in all fields of life and writers have a pivotal role to play in birthing this new capacity. We invited writers and cultural creatives to explore and practice this reality. 

The book is available now

The book that documents The Delphi Project 2016 and Horst Kornberger's research into the working of collective imagination is now available. 

To buy a copy click here

'We need a thinking that can do for us what Delphi did for the Greeks; a thinking able to perceive what wishes to emerge in any particular situation; a thinking, in other words, that can mediate collective intent because it can access collective imagination.' Horst Kornberger

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