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Writing around the World

restoring the mytho-poetic sphere of the earth

Inspired by our writing experience in Bali , we plan to conduct writing retreats at cultural hotspots around the world. We have a specific aim: we want to meet major myths in their environment and rework their meaning for our time.


Before they were fixed in print, myths were alive and their content ever changing. We want to reunite with the life of the great stories of the world and allow them to express their current message.


The earth not only has a stratosphere, but a mytho-poetic sphere. This mantle of the imagination is thinning and we believe that this is as much an environmental problem as other factors. Worldwriting aims to restore this mythopoetic sphere through communities writing in place.



In 2015 we will start with one of the foundational myths of humanity: the Mahabharata. Ubud is the cultural centre of Bali and the Mahabharata has been performed there continuously in dance, song and shadow puppet plays. 


Join us in our new venture. We will learn to think in images.


Engaging with this story in a guided process over a period of 5 days establishes a mutually creative relationship. Through this immersion the imagination is powerfully awakened to access what the Mahabharata has to say to us today. To do this in community with likeminded writers in a charged place is a transformative event. It has meaning for us as writers and meaning for the  world.


Book early as places are limited. Early bird prices available.


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