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There are new myths waiting to be told, and writers who are ready to tell them. In this project we will form a hub of mythmakers who undergo a process of individual and collaborative writing to realise a body of contemporary myths.

The project is a collective artwork resulting in a publication which is designed to inspire further work in this direction.

Myths are antennae for collective intent and they enter culture by means of image and metaphor. We will form a writing community that consciously seeks to create such metaphors. 

Common imagination lives between individuals like a connective tissue, enabling writers to experience  creative community. When a group lives into a common imagination it acts as a catalyst, enhancing each writer's capacity. This experience is at the heart of the project. 

This work with collective imagination is vital to address the issues of our time. Myths are living archetypes that are ready to tell their story in an entirely new way in every age.  In 2018 our theme will be metamorphosis. We will work with the archetypes of Greek myths and allow them to metamorphose into contemporary forms.

The project is open to writers at all levels, and most suitable for those who would like to develop a stronger connection to image creation. 



In 2018 you can participate in the project in one of the following ways.

1. The New Myth Online 

join an online group or nominate your own group. Find out more 

2. The New Myth in Hydra

an online preparation period followed by a retreat in Hydra, Greece. Find out more

3. New Myth - local

an online preparation period followed by a retreat with a group you gather in a location you designate. Contact us 

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