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Story Medicine

and how to make it

Story Medicine - how and why stories work 
Right at this moment, there are probably three people in your life who need a story more than they need vitamins or counselling.  You may be one of them. The right story at the right time is like a potent injection of health that can catapult the soul forward. Horst Kornberger will talk about how and why stories work and what we can do to utilise their transformative power for the individual as well as collective growth. 
Story Medicine Workshops are available on request

Many unresolved issues in our life are stories not properly told. They are tales frozen in interpretations. Through the process in Story Medicine, we will thaw our stories from this imprisonment and allow them to become what they are truly meant to be: personal myths and important steps on our journey toward ourself.


Story Medicine is based on story trading: we will help others by turning their factual tales into imaginal myths and vice versa.  We will learn how to give and take story medicine in community with others. 


Available on request. Please contact Horst here

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