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​​The Workshop
This is a workshop for anyone who wants to begin writing or who has started and got stuck. Horst Kornberger, author of The Power of Stories, The Writer's Passage, and Global Hive offers a step-by-step process that helps writers recover artistic imagination.
The imagination is born in stages during childhood and youth. When we revisit these stages through writing, we reconnect with the core capacities we need to bring our work into flow.

​​​The Process
Be guided through exercises to take your critical voice off guard.
Become aware of the qualities of sound in language.
Tap into the childhood stages of creativity, transcending intellectual obstruction with the help of a playful approach.
Learn how to create inner pictures as a source for narratives and to trust the lawfulness of the imagination.

I was undeterred by any inference that Hort Kornberger’s workshop ‘Breaking Writer’s Block’ was intended for beginners. After writing in many genres for more than thirty years, I still feel that I am ‘at the beginning’ with each new line. But in the weeks preceding the workshop, family dramas had turned my solitary lifestyle inside out, sweeping away ‘established’ writing habits. Would I ever complete the manuscript which I’d been working on since 2009. I wondered? After this workshop, I felt able to develop new work patterns and creative practices, and three months later, am delighted to say that I’ve have finished it.Horst has the gift of guidance and is a generous teacher: through a series of deceptively pleasant and spontaneous composition exercises, he led me back to that original dreaming place within, which is never lost (even though the way there may seem ‘blocked’ or forgotten). I reconnected, also, with the ‘experienced’ writer in myself: like calls to like, and as Horst replied to everyone’s questions and offered us all insights, I recognised wisdom which had been gleaned through a lifetime’s creativity. He showed each of us how much we already know and long to express, reviving our deep confidence and creative urge. I found Horst’s workshop methods freeing, but also practical. It is the balance between both which is so fertile. I came away with renewed intentions to prioritise time for writing, reminded of the need for disciplined writing practice (not unlike maintaining a meditation or fitness routine, because motivation in middle age comes from a different place than the enthusiastic rush of younger days) and recommitted to living in ways which encourage imagination – regardless of the challenges!

Annamaria Weldon

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