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The Delphi Project has its genesis in  many years of teaching  creative writing and imagination development and our long term vision of 'Writing around the World - restoring the  mytho-poetc sphere of the earth. '


The Delphi Project signifies a new step in direction of collaborative artwork in places of poetic and imaginative significance. It includes a preparation period, a six day workshop in Delphi, Greece, and an ediiting phase. The work of all participants will be represented in the final work:  a publication that marks the event and makes the process of collective imagination available to the interested public.  

To the Greeks Delphi was The Navel of the World. Here Phythia (women who entered trance to prophesise) and Priests collaborated under the guidance of Phoebus Apollo. Togeher they translated what Gaia, (the ancestral mother and the creatrix of the world),  had to say to those who sought her council. The ancient oracle informed  political and personal descisions. For more than two millenia the destiny of the western world was guided through the oracle and its priests.


Delphi and its environment are still in pristine condition as the government has prohibited modern construction from interfering with the site. The view from the Sanctuary is also protected.

We have secured The Athens School of Fine Art Annex in Delphi because it is located next to the Sanctuary of Delphi. The accomodation is simple but very suitable for the work we will undertake. We feel extremely fortunate to have found a workspace so close to the site. The annex is equipped with a kitchen and a number of workspaces. The accomodation offers twin share rooms with bathrooms. Single occupancy of a room is available. 

The Annex is within walking distance of the village of Delphi with its cafes and tavernas. 


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The Delphi Project Information


Funding for this project is by particpant contribution and gift money. Part of our vision is to adopt a new way of seeing financial transactions. We want you to imagine your contribution not as a payment for services to be received, but as a contribution towards the initiative and its future. This means you are not paying for what you get; you invest in the future of the idea and become a shareholder in its realisation.


Contribution for participation in the project and twin- share accomodation in Delphi   $2,200


 Contribution for participation in the project and single accommodation in Delphi  $2, 600 


Gift Money: If you would like to see this project grow, or would like to gift money for writers in need of financial support to participate in this project, please consider becoming a sponsor of the project.


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Two artefatcs will infrom our work in Delphi. The first is 

The Omphalos stone which symbolises the navel of the earth. It also means a hub, a centre. It was used to connect seekers with the numinous dimension that inspired the oracle.


There are two of these stones at Delphi, and they will represent our willingness to connect with others through our work with the questions of our own time.


The other artifact at Delphi that will inform us is The Charioteer, one of the most celebrated sculptures of Antiquity. The Charioteer is a bronze sculpture of a young Greek holding the reigns of a horse-drawn chariot. The chariot and horses are missing and it requires an active imagination to make the sculpture whole. This makes it a symbol for the capacities we want to develop. 


We will form a Writing Community that respects the individual creation within the matrix of the collective imagination. Images will be gifted, traded, and undergo transformation. Writers will be creating new work: flash fiction, short fiction and poetic pieces. The writing that emerges will carry the charge of the whole group while retaining the voices of individual writers.


The Work generated in the retreat will undergo an editing process and publication of the book is expected in December 2016. As an integrated artwork it will lay open the processes and products of our work.


We see the book as a journal of hope and renewal, a practical demonstration of the power of the poetic to change the world.


The book will be published by Integral Arts Press (the publishing wing of The Writing Connection) and made available worldwide via


All writers will retain copyright of their own work. After publication, participants will receive three copies of the book. Proceeds from the publication will go towards future projects.


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