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The Writer's Passage




The essential journey through time for the creative writer


2 0 1 3

Perth Waldorf School,  Gwilliam Dr

Bibra Lake, WA


Saturday Mornings    9.30am - 12.00 noon 

Term 1    16 Feb -  20 April
Term 2    04 May -  22 June
Term 3    27 Jul  -   07 Sep
Term 4    19 Oct  -   14 Dec

33 Lessons in total  

$380 per term,  concessions available

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Term 3 payment

(New students only)


Horst and jennifer Kornberger

08 - 9331 1880 for more information ​


The Writer's Passage is a year-long journey that offers a rich encounter with the great myths, legends and literary works that form the poetic heritage of humanity. It is not an intellectual study, but a living recapitulation of human experience through the practice of creative writing.  The course is suitable for both beginners and seasoned writers. It comprises 35 weekly meetings over four terms.

Firstly, in the encounter with the great texts of the past we establish a connection with universal archetypes. Then, in playful and serious exercises we re-create the most significant stages of human experience in our own writing. This liberates creative potential to work powerfully into the present.

In the first term we will build the foundations of creative language use. We will work with the elemental power of sound and image before exploring creation myth.

The second term will lead us into the biography of the universally human. We will explore the sacred texts of Old India and Persia, the myth of Inana, the tale of Gilgamesh, the Egyptian ‘Weighing of the Heart’, Hebrew tales and the Greek myths of Odysseus and Oedipus.

The journey continues with the exploration of Roman narratives, Christian and Gnostic texts and Celtic and Germanic works culminating in the epic of Parsifal and the works of Dante.

In term four we will meet Shakespeare, the Romantics, Goethe’s Faust, Persian Poet Rumi, Buddha’s sermons, Chinese works, Japanese Haiku and the Modernists.

The interactive structure of the course limits the number of participants. Please enrol early to secure your place in the programme.


Lesson 1: Primal Language
Lesson 2: Echoes of Childhood
Lesson 3: Wishing Well
Lesson 4: The Ladder of Dreams
Lesson 5: Fabulous Tales
Lesson 6: Creation Myths in the Making​
Lesson 7: Four Ages
Lesson 8: Flood of Writing
Lesson 9: The Embrace of the Gods

Lesson 10: Between Light and Darkness
Lesson 11: Baking the Stars
Lesson 12: The First of Friendships
Lesson 13: The Weighing of the Heart
Lesson 14: The Law of Letters
Lesson 15: The Kings of Song

Lesson 16: The Lyre of Orpheus

Lesson 17:   A Journey of Epics                                           

Lesson 19:A Sober State
Lesson 20: The Turning Point
Lesson 21: Tongues on Fire
Lesson 22: The Braiding of Words
Lesson 23: The Poetics of Battle
Lesson 24: The Grail Quest
Lesson 25: Troubadour and troubaritz
Lesson 26: Journey to the Otherworld

Lesson 27: The Alchemical Stage
Lesson 28: Poets in Precedence
Lesson 29: The Pact with the Devil
Lesson 30: The Sermon of the East
Lesson 31: Subtle Empire
Lesson 32: Tracing the Beloved
Lesson 33: Crossing the Threshold

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