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Books by Horst Kornberger

The Writer's Passage

A journey to the sources of creativity

​ The Writer's Passage is a creative writing manual for all those who wish to work  creatively with the myths, legends and literary works that form the poetic heritage of humanity. It is not an intellectual study, but a living recapitulation of human experience through the practice of creative writing. The course is suitable for both beginners, seasoned writers and anyone wishing to explore their creativity.

Global Hive

Bee crisis and compassionate ecology

Bees are dying all around the world. Their extinction is a major threat to the global food supply and bio-diversity of nature.

In this book I explore the reasons behind the bee crisis and suggest a new way of thinking about it. My aim is to establish communication between different ways of seeing the world. I believe that the gap that separates these ways of seeing is the same into which species after species disappear. Global Hive is  about  the imagination  and how it can contributute to a thorough paradigm change.

The Power of Stories

​Nurturing Children's imagination and consciousness 


Part one ‘The Power of Story’ looks at the way that stories influence our lives and shape whole cultures. 

The second part of the book, ‘Traditional Tales and Their Use,’ suggests ways to use the powerful effects of story for the benefit of children and teenagers. 

Part three, ‘The Making of Stories,’ is a manual with detailed instructions for the creation of new stories. It is written for all those who want to develop their skill in story making. 


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