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Writing into the Life of Things

Bali Retreat 1 - 6 July 2013


Powerful writing emerges when we extend our awareness beyond the stricture of habitual ways of seeing the world. Over five mornings we will engage in a process that enables us to expand, as writers, into a sphere of creativity normally only available at breakthrough moments or times of heightened sensitivity. This course content grows out of experimental workshops held over a number of years in Perth, now refined into a five day course.

In a carefully guided process, which is based on developing stages of empathy, we encounter the world where it starts to come alive. When this happens our creativity embraces something much larger than our own personal production and we begin to write with, rather than about, the world. Our inner and outer perceptions intensify and our feelings become richer. The world begins to speak and we become its mouthpiece. We learn how to write from a deeply participatory process that has the potential to transform our relationship to the world.


The retreat also offers a number of cultural experiences including a workshop and reading with Balinese writer Ketut Yuliarsa, a visit to the Neka Art Museum, and a dance/gamelan performance in Ubud.

The retreat is open to anyone who wants to explore new layers of experience through the practice of creative writing. The course is structured so that both new and seasoned writers can find inspiration for their work.

' about observing and listening to the earth's dialects and learning to express the relationship that develops between the writer and nature.'
Nandi Chinna

2013 Booked out - 2014 Retreat now open
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