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How a Metaphor can Save the World

An interactive, tutor accompamied online training to develop personal and collective imagination

The ability to think metaphorically is crucial for personal and world change. This course is for anyone (not just writers) looking for a  process to change the way they think, make descisions and interact with the world.


In a five step process we train the capacity to merge our clear thinking with the 'Ah-hah' experience  of the metaphor. Such thinking is capable of the encompassing vision we need today.


This course follows the process that Horst and Jennifer will be working with in The Delphi Project. It is now available in this format for those who are interested in particpating in this project without committing to the component in Delphi, Greece.


How a Metaphor can Save the World is the basic training for our international projects of which The Delphi Project is the 2016 offering.

TUTORS            Horst & Jennifer Kornberger


COST                   $380


STARTS             Tuesday 01 March 2016


HOW TO JOIN  Fill in the enrolment form below  (Enrol Now) and then pay via the                                          paypal button (Buy Now)


CONTACT          To contact Horst and Jennifer Kornberger click here

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