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Early Birds of a Feather

​Write before you work (Beginners welcome)
an early morning  creative writing laboratory with Horst Kornberger


Always wanted to write but never had the time? Here is a way of doing it: The Early Birds of a Feather Experiment from 6.15 am till 7.30 am at the Writing Laboratory at PSAS in Pakenham St, Fremantle.


Workshop 2 Mounting the Writing Wings - help your imagination to take off - a series of simple writing exercises that will help you jumpstart your writing practice.


Why so early?

To make time before your duties take it away

You will be rested and your muse refreshed

It will be quietThere will be free parking in the heart of Fremantle until 9.00am

(Or take the train, it's only a three minute walk from the station)

You can grab a coffee to ruffle the wings of your muse


Be on time. In fact come early and enjoy a walk through a Fremantle free of noise. Bring a notebook and two pens (just in case). Use side entrance on Pakenham Street; look for our sign. If you are interested, book now.


When:     Thursday 10 April 2014, 6.15am - 7.30am

Where:    The Writing Laboratory at PSAS, 22 Pakenham Street, Fremantle, (3 minutes from Fremantle Station)

Cost:        $35, book below

COST $35

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