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The Grammar of Love   a course in meaning

The course content is based on the idea that the pivotal stages in world literature express stages of relatedness or love.

In The Grammar of Love we will look at the way that significant writers have dealt with these stages in their work.  We will use their attempts as a springboard for our own writing.

Horst Kornberger will lead participants through the great stories and myths that express the various levels of relatedness to the world in a comprehensive journey through time.

Beginning with Taliesin and Homer, we will work our way to contemporary word-workers who experience the modern state of separation and who seek to remedy this loss of connection through the act of writing.

New and seasoned writers are welcome. No previous knowledge is necessary, but a willingness to follow the imagination into unexpected places.

TUTORS: Horst Kornberger & Jennifer Kornberger

Friday  Morning Course 


FAWWA, House of Imagining, 

Clare Copse, Swanbourne

9.30am – 12.00 noon

Term 1            Fri 10 Feb - Fri 07 Apr

Term 2            Fri 05 May  - Fri 30 Jun

Term 3            Fri 28 July - Fri 22 Sep


9 sessions per term

Saturday Morning Course


Perth Waldorf School, 

Gwilliam Dr, Bibra Lake 

9.30 am – 12.00 noon

Term 1           Sat 11 Feb - Sat 08 Apr

Term 2           Sat 06 May  - Sat 01 July

Term 3           Sat 29 July - Sat 23 Sep

9  sessions per term

COST             $380 per term/consessions available

CONTACT     Jennifer Kornberger

Contact us below to enrol and you will be sent paymnet details


Please contact Jennifer for concession  or other payment options here

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